15 Nov 2023

Important Notice: EY Takes Over Bamboo Hills

Bamboo Hills will be closed for a private event on 1 December 2023 (Friday) from 3pm to 12am. Reservations are only available at Potager, while all other restaurants will be occupied by EY for their private event for one night only. Kindly note that there will be no public access to the entire development during this time as well.

This year's #OneEYFest will see EY taking over Bamboo Hills for a unique annual dinner experience like no other. All the public areas in Bamboo Hills and the restaurants listed below are fully reserved for the event.

1) Botanica+Co

2) Tap Room

3) Kampai Yakiniku

4) Ginger

5) Nok Yung

6) Locarasa

7) HanamBBQ

8) The Qing

Only the following parties are permitted entry to Bamboo Hills on the event day:

  • Invited attendees for the One EY Fest event with official Invitation

  • Patrons of Potager with confirmed reservation details from the restaurant

We hope that this information helps all visitors to plan ahead and avoid any disappointment while ensuring that everyone has a seamless experience visiting Bamboo Hills.

Thank you.

The Management
Team Bamboo Hills

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